Design your own Svartzonker McHybrid & be in with the chance of winning a fishing experience with the man himself!


One lucky winner will win an all expenses paid fishing trip to Sweden*, for themselves and a friend to fish with Claes 'Svartzonker' Classon.

 And if thats not enough, the winning design also will be part of a 2022 bait range!

*Date of trip will be arranged with the winner direct.
How it works

It's time to get creative and design your bait!

Blank body McHybrid baits are available from our official retailer listed below.
Simply purchase a blank body to c
olour and design in anyway you wish.
You have full creative reign. 
Need inspiration? Check out our top tips below.

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Upload your entry
Once you have perfected your bait design simply snap a photo and upload in the form below to enter before 30 November 2021.
It really is that easy.


Your data will not be used for reasons other than helping to choose and announce a winner.
Top tips

You DON’T need fancy materials to get creative. Here are some great options:


·      Airbrush

·      Simple spray cans

·      Paint brush with water based or acrylic paint

·      Marker pens

·      Melted crayons

·      Household spices, sand, salt

·      Old paint you have laying around

·      Cut up stickers

·      Aluminium foil

·      Ribbon

·      Feathers

·      Glitter

·      Super glue for adding elements or texture

·      Clear coat spray paint for top layer

·      Use net or lace as a spray paint stencil or even cut out paper templates, this will make patterns are easy and effectively!

Expert advice:

·      Prime your bait first with a good primer! You can pick cheap spray cans up which don’t cost the earth!

·      Start off with a layer of white paint, this will make sure every colour you add on top will pop.

·      Colours are up to you, be super creative! contrasts work brilliantly, for example a black back and white belly so when bait rolls in the water you get a good flashing effect. Go wild with funky colours or keep it natural, whatever you prefer!

·       Need something for eyes? try the standard 10mm / 12mm sticky eyes which you can buy online or get creative with things you can stick on like beer caps!

·      We supply the paddle and curly tail, use marker pens to match the colour up with the body. You might even get creative and use a bait off one of your already smashed baits and stick on!

·      Protect everything with a clear coat on top, this will keep the bait looking great and protect from the pike’s teeth.